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The Homeopathic Nature of the Planets

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that operates on two basic ideas:

  • Like cures like

  • Less is more

Homeopathic medicines are made from substances that, in their natural form, create the symptoms you are trying cure. For example, the remedy Rhus Tox is made from poison ivy and one of its uses is to treat poison ivy. This is the like cures like idea.

These remedies come in various potencies and the more potent the remedy the more diluted the original material is – so that the most potent remedies have virtually none of the original material remaining. This is the less is more idea. In a sense, the planets in astrology operate on this idea in much the same way.

The single source of light energy in the solar system is the Sun. The planets do not have light of their own but they do reflect light from the Sun. The farther away from the Sun a planet is, the less reflected light reaches us and once you are past Saturn that light is not visible without telescopic aid.

Yet, while they reflect less light energy, the farther away the planet is the deeper its impact. The Moon reflects the most light and is the fastest moving. It affects us in very discernable ways but is also the most transitory in those effects. Conversely, Pluto is farthest away and is notably profound in its effects being both transformative and long-lasting.

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