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The Real Me: untouched and unedited

I was introduced to Astrology at the age of 24. While waiting for a friend, his girlfriend "read" my horoscope from a Dell book on the subject. Intrigued, I borrowed the book and was hooked. I started with a table of houses, a Rosicrucian ephemeris for the 1950's and the book "Astrology" by Isabel Hickey. I've been at it ever since.

I followed the standard path of learning until I was introduced to Hellenistic astrology about 15 years ago. I read, studied, and absorbed. Ultimately, I couldn't go all in but it was a turning point in how I looked as Astrology.

These days my interests are in declination, the effect of altitude on personality, a re-examination of the role of the four major asteroids, and the effects of the outer planets on history (especially U.S.).

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