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Chaos in the House

The process to elect a Speaker of the House began at 12 pm EST on January 3rd. It is interesting to note, on that day, that transiting Mars was exactly conjunct the United States’ natal Uranus. That, in itself, is not unusual. It was also conjunct natal Uranus on Sept 5th, 2022. While that date was relatively unremarkable (at least in this country), the same is not true for the Jan 3rd conjunction.

On Sept 5th, transiting Mars was at 20˚36’ north declination. It was in-bounds and it did not form any declination aspect with the natal U.S. chart. This lack of transit to natal declination aspects is why there was not much energy behind that conjunction and why it was mostly uneventful in this country.

Jan 3rd was quite different. On this date, both transiting Mars and transiting Moon were OOB and exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus. They were also in parallel with the natal U.S. Mars/Venus parallel and contra-parallel the U.S. natal Pluto. The consequence of all this energy has been the Republican Freedom Caucus’ aggressive power play to subvert the Speakership role to its will.

There’s no telling exactly how long this will go on. The Moon will remain OOB until Jan 8th and Mars won’t vacate those declination aspects until Feb 3rd. It seems unlikely that the voting could go on that long. It is more likely that the Caucus will get most of what it wants and that the energy will manifest as a caucus that is flush with success, very full of itself, and will act up accordingly.

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